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Based on the safety and the quality, we promote to design and manufacture high reliable products.

Quality Policy

Based on our Company Creed, we set a quality policy; "We always have a willingness of ingenuity, enhance the quality of products and provide the world-class products and services in order to get customer's satisfaction."

This quality policy is the core of our quality assurance activities, and the all activities are based on this policy.
Moreover, we set the "management standard of quality policy" to realize the quality policy as follows.

  • We satisfy our customers at the development stage and clarify the quality targets to achieve continuous improvement.

  • We achieve the quality targets through quality control activities involving all employees at each stage from development to sales and service.

  • Each department actively cooperates mutually and guarantees the quality for post-process at own responsibility.

  • We deal with the complaints and requests from the market promptly and accurately and respond to customers' confidence.

  • We strive to stabilize and improve the quality assurance level by promoting standardization.

  • We promote the quality education according to hierarchy and occupation.

  • We review the quality management system and activities systematically and improve continuously.

In September of 2018, we acquired "IATF 16949:2016 certification",
the quality management system of IATF 16949.