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Privacy Policy (Basic Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Information)

SRD HOLDINGS Ltd. and SAKAMOTO INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) may, in some cases related to the provision of products and services, etc., to customers, receive the personal information belonging to its customers.
The company is deeply aware of the importance of personal information belonging to its customers, and views the protection of this personal information as essential to a sound relationship with its customers.
In order to further improve the fiduciary relationship with customers, the Company hereby makes public its privacy policy (a basic policy regarding protection of personal information).

The Company will not use the personal information of its customers other than for the purposes stated below.
For providing information via post, telephone, e-mail, etc., on products and services handled by the Company, or events and campaigns, etc., held by the Company.

  • The Company will not supply the personal information of its customers to any other company or third party without justifiable cause.

  • Where customers wish to check, amend, or delete personal information provided by themselves, said customers should notify contact personal at the Company. In order to prevent alteration of personal information by a third party, the Company will respond within reasonable limits, only in those cases where the Company can verify that the person who has contacted the Company is the customer themselves.

  • Contact person for matters regarding the handling of personal information
    Sakamoto Industry Co., Ltd. (Management Division, Human Resources Group: Endo)
    Phone: 0276-31-1191

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  • The Company will comply with laws, ordinances, and other standards relevant to the handling of customers’ personal information.

  • The Company shall take appropriate safety measures with regard to customers’ personal information in order to prevent the disclosure, alteration, or loss, etc., of said personal information.

  • The Company shall perform regular audits on the handling of personal information, and shall work to constantly to achieve continuous improvement in this regard.

Enacted on April 1, 2015

President and Representative Director Kiyokazu Sakamoto